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The H.C.C. School is a permanently unaided English Medium School established and managed by the Hindustani Covenant Church, Pune.

It is recognized by the Govt, of Maharashtra and comprises of standards upto XIIth Science besides the Pre-Primary section and prepares pupils for the Secondary School Certificate (S. S. C.) Examination of the state of Maharashtra and the Higher Secondary Certificate (H. S. C.) Examination of the state of Maharashtra.

The H.C.C. School is a Christian Minority school which aims at giving an all-round education to its students. It is a co-educational institute. The syllabus followed is that prescribed by the Department of Education, Maharashtra State


Hindustani Covenant Church High School envisions an environment where the integral and wholistic development of the child takes place providing him / her with enduring educational wisdom, empowering them to face the world with courage and confidence and to contribute to the welfare of humanity.


    • * To provide students with a developmentally appropriate education which emphasizes high academic and social    expectations for all students in a caring atmosphere.
    • * To promote self discipline, motivation, creativity and excellence in learning by giving individual attention.
    • * To assist the students in developing skills to become independent learners and self-sufficient adults who will    succeed and contribute responsibly in a global community.
    • * To help students to develop a balanced emotion, character, personality with the right attitude and good moral values.
    • * To instill in the minds an aspiration for leadership towards growth and change.
    • * To network with other national and international organizations to create a socially and intellectually beneficial    collaboration.

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Our Institutions

  • Resource Center, Pune
  • Child Labour Center, Mumbai
  • Resource Center, Gulbarga
  • Resource Center, Panvel
  • HCC English Medium School, Solapur
  • HCC English Medium School, Nannaj
  • St. John’s School, Gulbarga
  • Industrial Training School, Solapur
  • Disaster Mitigation Center, Port Blair
  • Boys' Hostel, Rampurwadi
  • Resource Center Shrinagar
  • Resource Center, Goa
  • Resource Center, Bhiwandi
  • Resource Center & Social Forestry, Karambha
  • HCC Junior College, Solapur
  • Resource Center Bihar

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Address: 166, Railway Lines, Church Street,                   Solapur - 413 001.
Telephone:+91 0217 2313671



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