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       High standards of academics, are provided to each student, by using appropriate and modern teaching aids and equipments. In order to achieve a complete formation and all-round progress of the pupil, together with high level academic achievement, special care is taken, to give them all facilities to come out with the full blossoming of their talents in Music, Dancing, Public Speaking, Dramatics, Sports, Arts and Handicrafts.

    The task of imbibing each student with patriotism, honesty, a secular and social outlook of life, conducive to make of him/her a citizen enlightened with knowledge and wisdom, is the back-flash and spirit permeating all our activities and endeavors in the education field.

The school stands for academic excellence, development of skills and character formation based on the love of God and the service to man as modeled on the person of Jesus Christ.

Therefore all the academic subjects, curricular and co-curricular activities, year plans, system are geared towards a child's personality and character formation.

English being the first language is the medium of instruction. The second and third Languages taught are Hindi and Marathi.

Daily assembly prayers, value education, retreats and seminars, inspiration drawn from the teachers integrity, authenticity and dedication helps in the spiritual and moral formation. It creates an awareness of the existence of a supernatural power.

'Sound mind in a sound body'. This is achieved through physical education, games, yoga and N.C.C. These activities also help in acquiring a set of values such as Honesty, Self Control, Team Spirit, Discipline, Self Confidence, Patriotism, Self help also inculcate healthy attitudes to help the child to strike a balance between success and failures.

Great stress is laid on punctuality, regular attendance and discipline. Absence without prior permission on the first day of class after any vacations is considered a serious offence. New admissions are liable to lose their seats if they fail to report within a week after school re-opens in June.

Parents are expected to co-operate fully in the task of education by seeing to the regular studies of the child and by encouraging her/him to participate in the activities of the school. They should faithfully attend school functions such as Prize Distribution Day, Sports Day, Open Days.



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Our Institutions

  • Resource Center, Pune
  • Child Labour Center, Mumbai
  • Resource Center, Gulbarga
  • Resource Center, Panvel
  • HCC English Medium School, Solapur
  • HCC English Medium School, Nannaj
  • St. John’s School, Gulbarga
  • Industrial Training School, Solapur
  • Disaster Mitigation Center, Port Blair
  • Boys' Hostel, Rampurwadi
  • Resource Center Shrinagar
  • Resource Center, Goa
  • Resource Center, Bhiwandi
  • Resource Center & Social Forestry, Karambha
  • HCC Junior College, Solapur
  • Resource Center,Bihar

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