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Our Institutions

    • Resource Center, Pune
    • Child Labour Center, Mumbai
    • Resource Center, Bihar
    • St. Luke's Hospital, Nannaj
    • St. Luke's Hospital, Gulbarga
    • Resource Center, Panvel
    • HCC English Medium School, Solapur
    • HCC English Medium School, Nannaj
    • St. John’s School, Gulbarga
    • Industrial Training School, Solapur
    • Disaster Mitigation Centre, Port Blair
    • Boys' Hostel, Rampurwadi
    • Resource Center Shrinagar
    • Resource Center, Goa
    • Resource Center, Bhiwandi
    • Resource Center & Social Forestry, Karambha
    • HCC Junior College, Solapur
    • Resource Center Bihar

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Address: 166, Railway Lines, Church Street,                   Solapur - 413 001.
Telephone: +91 0217 2312370



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