Tomorrow is in our hands and if we want a better future for ourselves and for others around us, we should dream big.

   We should have a clear vision for ourselves and for our country India and steadily work towards this vision. Relying on the foundation of our core values of love, respect, honesty, brotherhood, integrity and humbleness, think of proper ways and means to make those dreams a reality.   With full faith in God, believe that those dreams can be fulfilled with hard as well as smart work, to ultimately achieve them with proper planning and consistent efforts.

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The School


   The Hindustani Covenant Church English Medium School (HCCEMS) in Solapur was started in the year 2000, with the aim of providing good quality education with the latest technology for the overall development of the children enrolled here.

   Today, the school has different e-learning facilities with each classroom having individual LCD Projectors, computers, interactive white boards and software for almost all subjects. This has made teaching and learning most effective and responsive.... . .

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Our Institutions

  • Resource Center, Pune
  • Child Labour Center, Mumbai
  • Resource Center, Gulbarga
  • Resource Center, Panvel
  • HCC English Medium School, Solapur
  • HCC English Medium School, Nannaj
  • St. John’s School, Gulbarga
  • Industrial Training School, Solapur
  • Disaster Mitigation Center, Port Blair
  • Boys' Hostel, Rampurwadi
  • Resource Center Shrinagar
  • Resource Center, Goa
  • Resource Center, Bhiwandi
  • Resource Center & Social Forestry, Karambha
  • HCC Junior College, Solapur
  • Resource Center,Bihar

Contact Us

Address: 166, Railway Lines, Church Street,               Solapur - 413 001.
Telephone: +91 0217 2313671
E-mail: info@hcchighschoolsolapur.in

E-mail: principal@hcchighschoolsolapur.in

E-mail: covenantschoolsolapur@gmail.com

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